What kind of liquid is produced by Squirting? Is it Urine or something else? Let’s understand!

In women, during sex, from which they get the most pleasure, some fluid may leak from the pussy. Some girls even begin to have complexes, suggesting that they have problems with the bladder and urine is leaking from it.

For such especially impressionable natures, we strongly recommend watching the videos posted on our website. On any of these porn videos, you will be able to see that there are girls in life who not only have a little bit of liquid coming out of their pussy, but they are able to “shoot” a huge jet of this liquid from their pussy. So you should calm down and relax, forget about diseases with the bladder, and just continue reading this article further.

And so let’s now try to figure out with you what these girls do from porn videos: ejaculate (see for example: crazy cum compilation) or piss? The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study of secretions in women during sex, and found that there are three types of secretions – lubricant, ejaculant and squirt.

A bit of anatomy:
In nature, there is female sperm that originates in the vagina and is produced by the female prostate. Imagine that the female prostate also exists. The activity of the female prostate is relatively low, and the ejaculant itself is quite viscous and dense. Any man will be able to remember his feelings when, after the peak of the girl’s pleasure, the consistency of the liquid in her vagina changed. This was exactly the liquid that women ejaculate. From this we conclude that when squirting, girls – “squirters” do not ejaculate.

So what is the option that the squirt is still urine and the girls are ready to “wet themselves” with the skillful actions of an experienced lover? And so we continue to understand.

Physiologists, as well as other researchers, are still debating whether squirt is urine? It is known from practice that this discharge does not have a smell similar to urine. They have their own specific smell. It is also known from practice that squirt does not leave yellow stains not on clothes, not on bedding. But with all this, it is worth noting that this fluid accumulates and is released from the bladder. The chemical composition of this liquid is also very similar to urine. Studies have shown that in women with an empty bladder, during arousal, fluid accumulates in it, and after they squirt, the bladder becomes empty again.

And yet, until now, researchers have not been able to figure out some of the issues related to squirt. For example, questions remain open:

  • Why squirt – discharge does not depend on nutrition and other components that greatly affect the smell and color of urine?
  • Why in the same woman at the same time, some indicators of these fluids: urine and squirt, can differ significantly in clinical trials?
    Unfortunately, there are still no unambiguous answers to these questions.

How to make a girl squirt?
Researchers of squirt agree on one thing, in order to get it, it is necessary to actively stimulate the G-spot. With active stimulation of the clitoris and the anterior wall of the vagina, the erectile tissue of these areas receives a powerful flow of blood. The flow of blood into these areas has an exciting effect on a woman. Sometimes this also puts pressure on the urethra, and some postures put additional pressure on the bladder. To get an orgasm, a woman needs to weaken control over her entire body. To loosen control during sex, the woman receives signals from the brain. All muscles respond to the weakening of control over the body. The activity of the heart muscle changes, and the bladder relaxes, releasing a squirt!

And so, summing up, we can summarize:

  • With the help of one dick, even if it is a big dick 😉 and using traditional positions, it is impossible to achieve a squirt. In these positions, the anterior wall of the female vagina is practically not stimulated.
  • The amount of squirting fluid produced may depend not only on training for squirting orgasms, but also on the physiological inclinations of a woman.

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