Six Ways To Help A Woman Achieve A Squirt Orgasm

Orgasm is desirable for both men and women. This is the phase of the strongest sexual arousal. While male orgasms usually happen seamlessly, it is not that easy for ladies. Many of them have never reached the peak of pleasure in their lives. However, there are ways that a woman can achieve full sexual satisfaction – squirting orgasm.

  1. Try changing the time of day. The hormone levels in women change in the morning, afternoon and evening. Therefore, you need to experiment and determine which time of day is right for you. Also check out different positions, such as “on a spoon” on Sunday morning, “on a missionary” on Monday night, etc.
  2. More affection! In most cases, a woman needs clitoral stimulation to enjoy orgasm. That is why positions are recommended that help rub the clitoris into the partner’s body, stimulate the clitoris with your fingertips or with a vibrator. It is also a good idea to irritate the area around the clitoris with your fingers or a vibrator – this creates desire, and thanks to this, the orgasm will be more intense.
  3. Relaxing bath. Most women have many responsibilities during the day that cause fatigue. This makes it difficult for them to reach orgasm, so take a hot bath and rest before sex.
  4. A glass of wine. Research shows that wine increases testosterone levels, which increases the desire for sex and the blood supply to the erogenous zones in women. A glass of wine also helps to relax a woman and thus have more pleasure.
  5. Laughter. This is surprising, but it is a fact. Laughter relaxes and stimulates the brain. You can also watch a good comedy. A woman’s good mood helps to achieve her orgasm.
  6. Use food. You can spice up sex by using food. The partners feeding each other deepens the sexual experience. The most sensual fruits are watermelons, strawberries, mangoes and grapes.

How The Female Orgasm Works