The Japanese opened a theme park with blackjack and pornstars

There are many theme parks of different types and directions in the world. Japan has especially succeeded in this, the inhabitants of which are susceptible to vivid impressions. Amusement parks for ocean lovers, Lara Croft-style adventurers and dinosaur fans are no longer surprising. But the other day, residents and guests of Tokyo were offered a particularly piquant entertainment – a theme park where visitors can spend time in the company of porn stars and webcam models

A multi-storey theme park has opened in the Kabuki-Te area, which has a reputation among tourists as the “red light district”. The Japanese perceive this part of Tokyo a little differently – in the old days the best Kabuki theaters in the empire were located here, and now, in addition to love hotels and erotic massage parlors, there are cinemas, cabarets, slot machine halls and many souvenir shops and shops.

For lovers of “strawberry” there is a real expanse and therefore the Japanese association of porn studios SOD decided to use it for commercial purposes. The SOD Land amusement park consists of five floors, each of which houses various in-demand entertainment. By the way, the club will disappoint those who like to realize their unbridled sexual fantasies, since everything in it is within the bounds of decency, albeit on the very edge.

There are several bars and cafes on the ground floor of SOD Land, where guests can sit at tables with emerging Japanese adult film stars. The second floor is occupied by a spacious hall with an administration desk, souvenir shops, photo booths and slot machines where you can play strip cards with virtual rivals.

The third floor of the complex is occupied by the Kakubutsu salon – there are rooms in which visitors are given erotic massage. The fourth floor almost completely repeats the first – there is a salon for communicating with girls, but here already honored and well-known actresses and models come out to visitors.

A chill-out zone was set up on the fifth floor of SOD Land. There is a large “quiet bar” here, where orders are carried by models in revealing swimsuits. Talking is strictly prohibited here, so the floor can be called an introverted paradise.

Another floor was planned for all sorts of high-tech entertainment, without which no Japanese theme park can do. They were supposed to make an autodrome with cars in the form of penises, as well as a porno cinema with vibrating chairs. But due to the COVID-19 crisis, the project budget was cut and limited to five floors.

It should be especially noted that the anti-epidemiological measures in SOD Land are at their best. Communication with actresses and models takes place only through transparent screens, disinfectants hang around, and the staff at the entrance measures the temperature of visitors.

Also, guests and staff are required to keep their distance. Judging by the reviews, guests of the park do not like this environment too much, but everyone hopes that the restrictions will not last long.