The history of the emergence of Adult Toys. First SEX shop

First dildos
At the dawn of the development of civilizations during matriarchy (Stone Age), it can be assumed that a woman was not yet used only as an incubator for childbearing, but also had a number of social functions, and that sex was used not only for male pleasure. This assumption can be evidenced by the first dildo found in Germany. According to archaeologists, the approximate age of this dildo is 28,000 years. It is also worth remembering that Cleopatra (69-30 BC) had a whole arsenal of sex toys, and in ancient Greece, wooden dildo were a valuable export commodity and brought a good income to the treasury.

“Dark times”
The history of the 0-16th century AD was very sad for a woman. They simply ceased to be considered human. The peak of this madness can be considered the 13th century, when the Holy Inquisition considered all women’s diseases to be signs of witchcraft and treated them in radical ways – either execution or exorcism. The first meeting of scholars took place around the 16th century. By secret decree, it was decided that women are not capable of experiencing pleasure from sex and are only suitable for conceiving a child after 30 seconds of intercourse and accelerated ejaculation.

Sex toys as a healing tool
The 19th century has come. Finally, a full-fledged study of female psychology and physiology has begun. This led to the fact that the most common female diagnosis of that time – hysteria (a disease whose symptoms are very similar to premenstrual syndrome) – it turned out that it was possible to treat without the use of a current, without removing the reproductive organs and without keeping them in a hospital. The remedy for this disease was direct massage of the small pelvis or, more simply, masturbation. For doctors, jerking off a patient’s pussy was very tedious. In some advanced cases, the duration of the handjob could last up to 30 minutes. To make it easier for doctors to carry out their duties and jerk off their patients, they often used sex toys, and most often they were dildos.

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The first vibrators
But progress did not stand still and in 1869 the first vibrator was invented, powered by a steam engine, which occupied an entire room. A little later, in 1880, Dr. Joseph Mortimer Grenville invented the first electric massager, which resourceful women immediately turned into a vibrator, and in 1902 the first home vibrator was patented in America. At that time, it could only be ordered from a catalog.

First sex shop
The first sex shops appeared in the country of the progenitor of the porn industry – in Germany. In 1962, Beate Rotermund, who lost her husband in the war, created the first sex shop in modern history.

Types of goods in sex shops
In sex shops, among the huge variety of products, the following main categories can be distinguished:
– hygienic
– wellness
– special
– BDSM & Bondage

Sex Dolls

Hygiene products are products that can also be found in any grocery store or in a simple pharmacy. This category includes a variety of condoms, massage oils and lubricants.

Wellness products are the most extensive category of products, which includes various stimulants, massage devices, vibrators, sex toys and vibrators for squirting and many other devices incomprehensible without prior instruction.

Special products – a category of various penis attachments, vibrating rings of various shapes, dildos, male masturbators. As a rule, all attachments for the penis are not particularly different, and the effect of the cheapest and most expensive is not much different. It’s different with dildos. Dildos come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. There are very realistic dildos that have the same tactile sensations as real dicks.

Double Penetration with Dildos

BDSM & Bondage products – anal toys, butt plug, huge wide anal dildo, nipple devices, cock rings, male chastity devices, urethral sounds & penis plugs, blindfolds, handcuffs, collars, connectors, crops, floggers, gags, leads, medical toys, restraints, rope, whips.
Also in some sex shops you can find sexy cosmetics and accessories. These products include: erotic lingerie, costumes for role-playing games, various creams to prolong sex, aphrodisiacs, potency enhancers.
By the way, the most popular sex toys are vibrators and dildos.

Some statistics on the use of sex toys by women: vibrators, dildos
Percentage of women with at least one sex toy:
– 70% of women in Germany;
– 45% of women in England;
– 60% of American women;
– 4% living in the post-Soviet space.

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