Pornhub scandal

The world’s largest porn site, PornHub, has been accused of supporting pedophilia and violence against women. American journalist and two Pulitzer Prize winner Nicholas Kristof published an article in The New York Times called “The Children of PornHub” that has had a profound impact on the global community.

The article states that Pornhub is making millions of dollars from child porn and rape videos. According to the publication, it is the 10th most visited site on the planet, with 3.5 billion page views per month. That’s more than Netflix and Amazon. After an investigation, Visa and MasterCard payment systems refused to cooperate with Pornhub. In addition, 40 people have filed a lawsuit against the site.

The porn service quickly reacted to the article that appeared in the press. Pornhub began to quickly implement new rules for using the site, which provide for strict content moderation, as well as a ban on downloading videos from the platform. In addition, most of the video content was removed from the site.