Several secrets of the popularity of PornHub

PornHub is not just the largest porn site on the Internet, but a whole network of resources that differ in design, target audience and other features. This porn giant wins the attention of users not only with a huge selection of any porn content, but also with painstaking work for the benefit of visitors.

Respect for tradition
At one time, PornHub acquired the resources of RedTube and YouPorn. At first glance, they are almost the same, but in fact, each has its own story, design, audience. Now these resources continue to develop as separate brands on each of which has its own team. Experts try to preserve the uniqueness of each of these projects, providing them with unique content.

Users are offered communication
Inside the porn site there is a forum where users can chat on a variety of topics. Forum functions provide the ability to add friends and share photos and videos. This forum can be called a “pornfacebook” and many of its regular visitors are addicted to communication no less than users of regular social networks.

Continuous work to improve
The team of this porn giant is constantly working to improve the site, doing it very carefully. Experiments that are too bold may not appeal to regular users and frustrate them. Therefore, the appearance of the resource changes very slowly, almost imperceptibly. Either the color will be changed, the logo will be tweaked.

Interaction with users
PornHub’s customer service team strives to ensure that no email or request goes unanswered. Specialists respond to comments on the site’s twitter, as well as to emails. Unlike many other sites, they listen to the opinions of visitors.

Regional preferences are taken into account
It has long been known that people from different countries and continents have their own sexual preferences. Therefore, PornHub does not drive everyone into one “box”, but offers different visitors what they want to see. For example, PornHub is loved by residents of the USA, Canada and the UK, so the content for the site is selected according to their tastes. YouPorn is loved in mainland Europe and RedTube is actively watched in Latin America.

Great sense of humor
The PornHub team takes their job very seriously, but they also love to make jokes. From time to time they launch unusual and frivolous projects designed to cheer up users. Of the latest comic projects, we can mention the analogue of PornHub called ScrubHu. There were also environmental projects in the history of this site, and quite serious ones, devoted to ocean pollution and the extinction of bees.