Did people get fucked in the ass in ancient times?

Anal sex has been practiced by primitive people for a long time. On the rock paintings, in the excavation sites of prehistoric settlements, you can often find images of anal fucking. It is also a well-known fact that the Egyptian beauty Cleopatra was a very loving chick. Based on today’s medical research, it can be assumed that she was either a crazy nymphomaniac, or simply suffered from hypothalamic hypersexuality syndrome. Her most favorite way to fuck was anal fucking. She constantly demanded from her numerous slaves that they pounded her asshole as deeply as possible. Fucking in the ass was popular not only in ancient Egypt, where this type of sex was often used for sexual intercourse, but without the danger of getting pregnant.

Anal sex

In Ancient Greece, the cult of masculinity prevailed and, namely, anal sex served to promote this worldview. Then it was considered that the teacher, having fucked his student in the ass, thus transfers him some of his knowledge. In the army of Alexander the Great, same-sex love strengthened the military spirit. To complete the picture, it is still worth mentioning that anal sex in Ancient Greece was associated not only with the dominance of the masculine principle, but at the same time, ass fucking could serve as a punishment and a demonstration of absolute power.

Unlike Greece, in the Roman Empire, anal sex was considered a perversion. Anal intercourse was also viewed negatively in ancient India. Spiritual Indian treatises asserted that anal fucking disrupts the movement of kundalini energy in the body, which in turn deprives the upper part of the body of a person’s strength, and the lower part of the body becomes susceptible to various diseases. In Islam and Christianity, anal fuck has always been prohibited. But despite this, Muslims still often resorted to anal sex as a way to have sex before marriage, since girls in the east carefully took care of their virginity.

The most constructive attitude towards anal fuck was in ancient China. The Chinese are wise guys! They believed that a woman’s crotch is a beautiful flower with three petals, the first is the clitoris, the second is the vagina, and the third is the anus. The caresses of a woman’s crotch should, like raindrops, flow smoothly, like a flower, from top to bottom, and only then can the act of love be considered complete.

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