The History of the WEBCAM Industry – How It All Started: LiveJasmin, ImLive, MyFreeCams, CAM4, Chaturbate, BongaCams, CamSoda

What year can be considered the starting point in the history of Webcam? How did the first broadcasts on the Internet go? Who should we thank for creating LiveJasmin and other top resources? In this article, you will learn how it all began, as well as some of the secrets of the Webcam industry.

The rapid development of technology has opened up a lot of earning opportunities on the Internet. As you know, to broadcast their shows, Webcam models use special cameras, which, subject to a high speed of the Internet connection, allow you to transmit information over tens of thousands of kilometers without losing picture quality.

The very first live webcast was launched back in 1991. It was only then that completely different hopes were pinned on this technology.

Employees of the University of Cambridge simply decided not to go to an empty coffee pot, wasting time and each time being upset about the lack of an invigorating drink in the container. They pointed a webcam at the coffee pot so that they could watch it remotely. And already in 1994, with the light hand of the founders of the Dutch Porn company Red Light District, the first Porn resources using streaming video technology debuted on the network.

In 1994, Tom Nayeri (founder of Virtual Dream) discussed the economic potential of the Internet with friends. And friends came to the conclusion that male users lack open, relaxed communication with cute, funny and attractive girls in the network.

To transfer images of such girls over the network, Tom Nieri chose VidCall video conferencing software. The company’s earnings were good, but despite this, the total earnings were insufficient to continue working. The company was close to shutting down until it was bought out by Edward Kinsley (owner of Telecharge Audio Network) and Daniel Hess (owner of a Las Vegas-based telephone operator), who had some success with phone Sex.

Within a few years, content firms were distributed by more than two hundred franchises around the world. That is, Virtual Dream created a franchise site, and the owner of such a site posted content on it and attracted visitors. Visitors paid up to $ 5.99 per minute for content on the franchise site, but all content was produced and hosted by Virtual Dream studios in San Diego and Las Vegas. The franchise site received up to 30% of the profit, and the rest went to Virtual Dream.

Speaking about the origins of the Webcam industry, it is worth mentioning a very odious personality of those times – Seth Varshavsky. This enterprising young man set up a studio for his ClubLove website in a warehouse in Seattle.

The strippers’ show was broadcast online, and if you wanted and, of course, for an additional fee, you could even talk to them by phone. Closer to 2000, the number of ClubLove visitors grew to 6 million a day, and after the scandal with intimate photos of Lara Schlesinger – to 14 million.

Such an overwhelming success of Seth Varshavsky, who at that time was not yet 30 years old, was recognized by such a famous publication as the Los Angeles Times. In this newspaper Varshavsky was called “Bill Gates in obscenity.”

In the 90s, girls who performed striptease and received calls from men could not work from home for technical reasons. But the need to get to the studio across the city and then work in small and not very comfortable booths did not stop them.

There were more advantages than disadvantages in such work, because the girls did not need to contact the client live, and the technical specialist could always pacify the impudent guest. In addition, the studios were usually not located in “hot” places, but in normal areas.

In the 90s, one-way communication was still popular, but gradually more advanced technologies began to break into the industry, for example, Cu-SeeMe, which provides flow in both directions. The cost of “video conferencing for Adults” remained quite high, on average $ 3-6 per minute. Some users, completely forgetting about prudence, spent several thousand dollars a month on Erotic conversations.

Back in 1994, T. Nayeri paid his models up to $ 50 per hour of work. It is easy to calculate that the girls had a significant amount of money in their accounts every month. In the early 2000s, the normal rate for aspiring online strippers was $ 10-15 an hour.

Before moving on to talking about another famous person who stood at the origins of Webcams, I would like to remind you that in 1996 “broadcasts” were images that were updated every two to three minutes. Then, a very young student at Dickinson College Jennifer Ringley came up with the idea to broadcast her life on the network. This idea came up during a discussion with her friend of a site that would broadcast… an aquarium. Yes, the first Internet users had such entertainment.

This is how the first JenniCam Webcam site was born. At first, Jennifer allowed only friends to “spy” on her life, but then she opened access to everyone. Later, already being a certified web designer, the girl decided to add one more camera to her arsenal and began to shoot streaming videos.

She was able to afford such technological innovations thanks to a symbolic payment for accelerated updates ($ 15 per year for updating the camera every 2 minutes instead of 20). Many JenniCam clones began to appear. In 1998, one of these clones – AmandaCam – added the ability to chat with users to their functionality for the first time.

The first Webcam resources were rather “amateur”, at least they positioned themselves that way. Over time, websites began to appear on the Internet that were used to promote videos of Porn stars popular in those years.

Lori Michaels, Shanna McCullough and others used this trick to draw attention to their person and to products of Erotic content.

In addition, sites like JenniCam have proliferated. Some of Jenny’s followers, like herself, only occasionally showed users 18+ pictures. But over time, more and more people began to appear who, more and more attracting users, began to demonstrate more and more explicit content. In principle, such “competition” can still be observed among novice web models. Some intrigue to the last and keep users in touch, while others strive to get rid of excess clothes as soon as possible and show their whole body on camera.

Webcam sites were becoming more and more popular among Internet users, so closer to 2000, attempts were made to collect them into special directories. In one of the issues of PlayBoy magazine in 1998, The Nose’s HomeCams resource was mentioned, which managed to collect a “collection” of more than 1200 sites. In those days, there were also Top Cams, which promoted erotic webcam sites, and Webcam Magazine.

There were so many sites that there was very tough competition between them. To make life easier for themselves, some of the owners of such resources decided to enter the promoted Adult networks, which assisted in promotion, creating quality content, servicing payments, and more. Naturally, we are not talking about any altruistic impulses here, because such organizations received a percentage of the income of Webcam sites, which means they were interested in their promotion.

In 1996, VideoSecrets (now Flirt4Free) was introduced to the world community. Two years later, iFriends, the largest resource for that time, was launched, working on the systematization of materials from single sites, iFriends. In addition to chatting and watching broadcasts, phone calls were available to users. In 2003, the income of this site exceeded 300 thousand dollars a day! The site ended its existence with the collapse of Choice Bank in 2018.

In 1999, such well-known sites as Streamate, CamContacts and StreamRay (now Cams) were launched. Also, at the beginning of the 2000s, the first similarities of payment systems appear, such as iKobo, CCBill, ePassporte.

History of creation of LiveJasmin and other ranking sites

So we got to our contemporaries. In 2001, Hungarian businessman György Zoltan Gattyan founded one of the most popular webcam resources today – LiveJasmin. But here it is worth noting that the first version of the site did not yet have strict requirements for the appearance of models, the quality of broadcasts, and the interior of the premises in which the shows were held.

The owners decided to add more “gloss” to the site much later – only in 2011-2013. Today LiveJasmin is a role model and continues to collect prestigious awards in its piggy bank. The resource is a sponsor of many events in the field of Webcams, team members are engaged in training models, organizing parties. The site has its own certified studios.

The ImLive resource, which today serves as a link between tens of thousands of models and tens of millions of users, was launched in 2002. Around the same time, Leo Radwinsky began working on his “catalog” MeFreePaySite, and in 2004 the world saw MyFreeCams (MFC).

MyFreeCams became the first Webcam site to allow free-access Erotic shows. That is, with the observance of certain rules, the models were allowed everything, and anyone could look at it.

In 2006, sites such as X-LoveCam, MyDirtyHobby, and in 2007 – CAM4 appeared. At the same time, in 2010, the ePassporte payment system dies and the payment system of the Canadian company Paxum appears.

In 2011, Chaturbate enters the battle for Internet traffic and users, which opens up the opportunity for registered users to create and use their own personal bots, as well as other useful features, such as the Ticket Show. This site was the first to use the OhMiBod toy, and has been practicing 3D streams for a couple of years.

In 2012, BongaCams and Runetki appeared on the world stage. Later RusCams was bought by BongaCams. A couple of years ago, this resource launched its SpyGasm reality show, which allows you to watch the Sex life of the heroes day and night.

In the following years, the Webcam industry has developed even more rapidly. In 2014, the ManyVids project appears (since 2018, it is also partly a camsite). Also in 2014, the well-known CamSoda appears, which brings its innovations to the industry. And in 2016 Stripchat appears with the introduction of VR broadcasts.

In 2018, another breakthrough happened in the field of Webcams: models created a website for models! This is how the Camversiti resource appeared on the Internet.

Today in the world of Webcams, events are constantly held for web models and users. Websites, studios, affiliate programs are awarded various prestigious awards. Some well-known web models blogging, writing books, and more and more openly talking about Webcams in television shows and series.

Moreover, feature films and documentaries dedicated to this industry, which is rapidly developing on the Internet, have replenished the world’s cinema piggy bank.

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