Squirting during anal sex. We figure out how to achieve it

The mechanism behind the female anal orgasm is very simple. The woman has the most sensitive back of the vagina. It is almost always located in women, close to the rectum. If the penis strongly rests on the zone with the “G” point, then the woman will be able to achieve anal squirt orgasm. To enhance female arousal, in addition to ass fucking, you can massage the clitor with your fingers or hands, or penetrate the vagina using an adult toy, dildo or vibrator. In this case, the chances of getting a squirting orgasm through anal are increased. To get anal squirt, you need to properly prepare for anal sex and follow some rules.

Squirting during anal sex

Basic rules of anal sex
During a pussy fucking, gently massage the girl’s anus with a lubricated finger, then gently plunge it into the ass and start moving it in different directions, trying to slightly stretch the anal passage so that further penetration of the penis into her ass does not cause pain. You can also use small anal toys or plugs. The signal that your girlfriend’s anus is ready will be the free penetration of the thumb. It is done! Now you can start slowly and gently inserting your cock into her ass.

Anal sex requires a lot of lubrication
The female anus does not emit lubricant, so the lubricant must be purchased in advance and have it on hand. It will help widen the anus and soften the process of inserting your cock into her ass hole. You can also use a lubricant with an analgesic effect for the first time. If your chick loves all sorts of sexual experiments, then in the sex shop you can also buy cosmetics for arousal, microclysters or an anal stimulator.

Mandatory use of lubricant and contraception
It is best to use a water-based lubricant. They do not destroy the latex from which condoms are made, and condoms are the most indispensable thing for anal sex. A condom helps your friend’s ass penetrate more easily and also protects you if she has shit left in her rectum. Oh, and by the way, the best positions for anal sex are lying on your back or side with bent legs or doggy style.

Squirt during anal

If your girlfriend asks you to stop or you notice that she is in pain, stop immediately. In this case, it is not always worthwhile to completely leave the anus. The main thing is to monitor the reaction and condition of your girlfriend. You don’t want her to give up such exciting experiments, do you? By the way, do not hold the girl tightly by the hips when inserting a dick into her ass, otherwise she may think that she is “trapped.” On the contrary, let her control and direct the entire process herself. The main thing is not to rush and not push! You can talk with the girl at this time, continue to stimulate the erogenous zones, excite her clitoris, nipples, and neck. Then she will want you to fuck her in any of her open holes!
It is important to remember that right after anal fucking, you should never fuck your girlfriend in cunt. This can lead to medical problems, as the microflora of cunt and ass is very different. Be sure to remove the condom or wash your dick.

Why do people love anal sex?
Men are easy to understand – the sensations from the sphincters of the ass are much stronger than from the pussy. Here, strong back and forth movements will not even be necessary in order for a man to cum. And the temperature inside the rectum is different from that of the pussy, which also adds to the sensation.
For women, anal penetration while simultaneously stimulating the clitor allows for an awesome anal squirt orgasm. You can also note the psychological pleasure from the very process of penetration into the “forbidden place”. A girl can fantasize about subjects of submission and rape.

Butt plug
Many girls would not mind getting new sexual sensations, and most importantly, trying to achieve the highest anal pleasure – squirting during anal sex. But they can be stopped by shyness and uncertainty about whether everything will turn out beautifully, whether my partner will be disappointed, and suddenly it happens that I crap or it hurts. These experiences can be the main factors why she hesitates to let her ass be fucked. The butt plug will help to girl understand the sensations when stimulating and penetrating the anus.

Butt plug

Instructions for choosing an anal plug
There are two types of butt plugs
one for additional pleasure during pussy fucking or masturbation, the other for preparing the anus for anal fucking. The first type of butt plug has a rounded shape, it has a special stopper, and the jumper is very thin, since there is no need to prepare the sphincter of the priests for the penetration of the dick. The second version of plugs is called anal starters. They are wedge-shaped without a pronounced bridge, since the task of such a sex toy is to stretch the sphincter of the priests and make the penetration of the male member as easy as possible. The cork material is also very diverse, from special glass and metal to silicone. Which of what material uses the cork depends on personal preferences, someone loves it more tenderly, and someone more rough. The main thing is that there are no roughnesses and ribs on the cork, because if the ribbed shape of the toy adds pleasant sensations to the vagina, then the sphincter of the ass is not intended for such objects and therefore the surface of the toy must be smooth.

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