The media found out the name of the real owner of Pornhub

For the first time, Ars Technica journalists found out that the largest co-owner and beneficiary of MindGeek is businessman Bernard Bergemar. MindGeek includes the porn sites Pornhub, RedTube and YouPorn.

An interesting fact was also noticed that there is no mention of Bernard Bergemar in the corporate documents of these porn companies. But journalists’ sources report that it is Bergemar who is the largest beneficiary of this group of companies.

Earlier, the media wrote that in the documents, Feras Lisets and David Tasillo are indicated as the only co-owners of MindGeek. These are the general managers who bought the company from its previous owner Fabian Thielmann in 2013.

Very little information is known about Bergamer. The media say that he is known only to a very narrow circle of top managers at MindGeek. In a Google search, his last name is mentioned only three times. All references are related to a court case ten years ago, when he testified as director of RedTube.

A bit of history.
MindGeek was founded in 2003 by Wiss Yousef and Stefan Manos. Then the company was called Mansef and combined several sites with free porn. Mansef later launched the Brazzers porn site, and its related company Interhub launched the PornHub site.