Female Masturbation Techniques

Movements up and down the head of the clitoris
This is one of the most common and simplest techniques. It consists in the forward movements of the finger up and down the head of the clitoris. This technique allows you to accelerate the approach of orgasm, for this you should go to more intense caresses of the entire clitoris. You can also experiment with the force of pressing on the clitoris and the speed of movement. Such experiments will allow the girl to understand which caresses bring her the greatest pleasure. Also, you should take into account that this technique can be used during a blowjob or deepthroat

Fast and slow hits on pussy
This technique is performed as follows: using one or more fingers, very lightly and gently begin to slide from the middle of the vagina and clitoris, from bottom to top. This is followed by a transition to quick pats, alternating with slower ones. In this case, you need to try to use either more or less pressure. You can also try changing direction by sliding from the clitoris and rubbing gently down towards the vagina.

Rubbing the clitoris from side to side
Rubbing the clitoris with one or more fingers left and right. Touching can be light and gentle, or quite intense. By the way, this type of masturbation is convenient to use while fucking in a doggy-style position.

Masturbation with four fingers
This is one of the most popular masturbation techniques for young teens, mature women and sexy milfs. To perform it, you need to connect four fingers together, attach them to the vagina or clitoris and begin to make circular movements. The circles can be either small, with the main focus on the clitoris, or large, then they will completely capture the labia.

Female Masturbation with four fingers

Point U in pussy
Many girls, especially teenagers, young teens and some milfs are not even aware of the presence of such a magic point in their bodies. It is a small patch of skin just above the urethral opening. For some girls and women, it happens that this point is located directly under the clitoris. The technique for correctly simulating the U point is quite simple – you just need to gently stroke it or rub it with your fingertip.

Shower Head for masturbation
This method has been used by teen girls, slutty milfs, mature women, sex amateurs and porn stars for many years. All it takes is water and a shower head to make a best toy for squirting. The girl needs to get comfortable, relax and direct the stream of water directly to her pussy. Also, when performing this technique, you can experiment with the force of the water pressure, while simultaneously observing the reactions of the body. Many girls admit that for the first time in their lives, they experienced a wet orgasm, or, more simply, they began to squirt, thanks to this masturbation technique. Agree that in this case – the shower head plays the role of a best toy for squirt.

Girls squirting

Rubbing and stimulating the labia
This kind can be called a prelude to masturbation. He will most likely not be able to bring the girl to orgasm, but will allow her to learn more intense masturbation techniques. To do it, you need to run your fingers up and down your lips, then squeeze them together. Also, using a lubricant, you can play with the vibrator, gently touching the labia. After such games, a girl may well discover that a vibrator is the best toy for squirting.

Vibrator time
It is a well-known fact that 50% of women are familiar with the method of masturbation with a vibrator, and most importantly, they like it incredibly! With the help of a vibrator, you can practice a variety of caresses: it can be as soon as stimulation of the labia and clitoris, and caress of the breasts and nipples, or the whole body in general. With a little practice, any girl will be able to understand which type of masturbation is more suitable for her. The huge assortment of vibrators and adult toys available on the market will help you make the right choice. Also, masturbation with a vibrator will help you learn how to squirt. It is important to remember that choosing the best vibrator for squirting can only be experimentally, so go for it, study your body and constant, wet orgasms, awesome squirt and squirting pussy will come with you, which will continue to delight you and your man or men, if you have a lot of them!

Masturbation with vibrator

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